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What degree should I study at university?

There are lots of factors you need to consider when deciding what subject you should study at university. The subject you choose should be something that you are interested in and would be happy to study in-depth over the next few years. It is also important that your degree choice helps you to achieve your personal goals.

Our university subject guides will help give you all the information you need to make a decision. You can learn about reasons to study each subject, possible careers and how you can study at the University of Sussex.

Accounting (and finance)

Studying accounting and finance at university leads to a range of diverse and rewarding career opportunities, from stockbroker to investment banker. At Sussex, you will benefit from the latest industry knowledge and develop practical accounting skills that will help launch your career.

Automotive engineering

Covering all aspects of modern automotive development, an automotive engineering degree will help you develop the design and analytical thinking skills required to succeed in the industry. Discover how you can study automotive engineering with our International Foundation Year in Science and Engineering.

Biomedical science

Choosing to study biomedical science at Sussex will help you gain the knowledge and practical skills needed for a range of scientific research careers. Study at Sussex to learn how to approach human diagnosis, disease and treatment. Discover how you can study Biomedical Science with our International Foundation Year in Science and Engineering.

Business (and management)

Studying business and management at Sussex will allow you to tailor your degree to your desired career, whether that is to work for an established company or build your own. You will develop the skills to work in a global environment. Learn more about reasons to study Business at Sussex.

Computer science

Discover how studying computer science at Sussex will prepare you for an ever-evolving industry, giving you key skills such as programming, software engineering and network design so you can have a successful career in computing. Learn about studying Computing at Sussex with one of our university preparation courses.


Study economics at Sussex  to analyse real-world challenges that will help you develop the quantitative skills and diverse knowledge required to follow a career at world-leading organisations. Discover how you can study economics with our International Foundation Year in Business, Media and Social Sciences.

Electrical engineering

A degree in electrical engineering will help you develop knowledge on varied areas, from advances in renewable energies and robotics to mobile communication. Discover more about pathways to Electrical Engineering.


Based around problem solving, engineering uses a combination of science and maths to improve our quality of life. Learn how you can study engineering at Sussex and what fields you could specialise in.

Film studies

A degree in film studies will provide you with a critical understanding of film and the cultural and creative aspects that shape cinema and its audience. Discover how you can study Film Studies with our International Foundation Year in Business, Media and Social Sciences.

International development

Explore the critical issues that are causing complex global problems which effect our lives with a degree in international development. You will gain extensive knowledge about issues relating to food systems and human population. Find out about pathways to this degree.

International relations

Focusing on key global issues, international relations can lead to a range of international careers. Discover the degree options available and the subjects you can study with international relations based on your interests.


Studying law at the University of Sussex will give you a solid understanding of English law. You will develop in-depth knowledge of law and gain practical skills that will equip you for a career in the legal sector.

Marketing (and management)

Skilled marketing practitioners are in high demand, meaning that graduates of marketing and management have access to a range of careers. You will learn how to tackle marketing challenges and gain practical workplace skills on a marketing course at Sussex. Find out about pathways to this degree with our International Foundation Year or International Year One.

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering at Sussex will give you the ability to create innovative solutions and solve problems head-on. You'll develop the practical skills and creative approach needed to become a mechanical engineer. Find out how you can study Mechanical Engineering with our International Foundation Year in Science and Engineering or International Year One.

Media and communications

With a degree in media and communications, you will develop a critical understanding of the role media play in cultural, political, social and economic life. You'll develop your critical thinking skills and take a multidisciplinary approach. Find out more about pathways to this degree for international students.


Studying politics at university will help develop your understanding of political systems and political ideas. You will learn about issues and institutions and gain fundamental knowledge of UK politics. Prepare for this degree with the International Foundation Year in Business, Media and Social Sciences.


Focusing on the study of human behaviour, thoughts and emotions, a psychology degree will help you build a successful career in a specialist field. Discover how you can study Psychology with our International Foundation Year in Business, Media and Social Sciences.

Study at Sussex

The University of Sussex is ranked 29th in the UK (Times Higher Education World University Guide 2023). You will develop the skills, knowledge and experience you need to follow your career path by studying one of our pathway programmes at the University of Sussex International Study Centre. Once you progress to the University of Sussex, you can pursue a wide choice of undergraduate or postgraduate degrees.

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