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Why study development studies? It is an exciting and constantly evolving subject with many prestigious career opportunities. Find out more today.

Sussex offers opportunities to study accounting and finance in depth with a wide range of degree options. Find all the information you need to study accounting and finance in the UK here.

Studying business and management can help you gain entrepreneurial as well as transferable skills. Explore how Sussex can help you achieve your career ambitions with a business degree.

Study engineering

Learn how you can study an engineering degree at Sussex and what fields you could specialise in. Discover the different engineering fields and see the industries you could work in.

Learn how you can study an international relations degree at the University of Sussex. You can find out more about which course to study, the careers you could pursue and reasons to study international relations.

Study law

Studying law allows you to develop key skills to pursue a prestigious career in the legal sector. Explore how you can study law at the University of Sussex and which careers you could follow.

Education in the UK

Studying in the UK can open up many opportunities to international students. By choosing to study at the University of Sussex, you will benefit from world-class research and teaching. Find out more today.

Life in the UK

Living in the UK is a great way to spend your university years. Get a great education whilst living in one of the country's most vibrant cities. Find out more about life in Sussex.