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Why study FinTech

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Financial technology (FinTech) is a broad name for technology that aims to automate and improve financial services. FinTech is used to help companies and consumers to manage their financial processes with algorithms and software on computers and smartphones. Upon its emergence in the early 21st century, the term FinTech was applied to technology specifically employed at the backend of financial services. However, in recent years, there’s been a shift towards consumer-oriented technology. Nowadays, FinTech includes many different industries and sectors such as education, fundraising, charity, retail banking, and management.

The FinTech sector is propelling towards a positive and ever-growing future, developing and introducing revolutionary technology for FinTech consumers. There’s never been a better time to study for a FinTech masters. So, why study FinTech? We have the answers for you. 

What does a FinTech degree cover?

Courses in FinTech include traditional finance modules as well as learning about evolution and theories of data-driven financial modelling, data mining, machine learning, analytics, and recent innovations such as AI, cloud computing and blockchain. You’ll also acquire soft skills on your FinTech degree, such as problem-solving, analysis, teamwork, programming, and financial knowledge, all of which can be applied to many jobs and areas of life.

Why study a master's degree in FinTech?

A master’s degree in FinTech has many advantages – please read on for reasons why FinTech is important and some of the top reasons to study this exciting subject.

Rapid and unwavering growth in the FinTech industry

FinTech is a booming industry all around the world and certainly in the UK. Despite various concerns about changing markets, the FinTech industry has continued to grow every year. Globally, the FinTech market is worth over $200 billion. This growth has made FinTech a popular career for graduates. Studying a FinTech master’s will allow you a fast-track entry to this exciting industry.

FinTech careers and graduate jobs

As FinTech is such a growing field, there are plenty of job opportunities and career paths for graduates. Once you’ve graduated from your FinTech degree, you can specialise in one of the most cutting-edge areas of finance, acquiring knowledge of blockchain applications, digital currencies, machine learning, and Big Data. Several of the top careers for graduates in the FinTech industry include Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Compliance and Risk, Quantitative Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence. FinTech has diversified over the years, and graduates can now choose to work in tech-focused roles, or many other jobs in operations, marketing, sales, and more.

Engaging environment

The FinTech sector is at the centre of the digital revolution, making for an exciting and dynamic work environment. FinTech leaders are disruptive and as a FinTech professional you will have the chance to progress with the organisation and learn from innovative thinkers. You’ll also work to change the world’s money management, moving society away from traditional – often outdated – banking methods and towards a more creative, efficient future.

Use the world's most cutting-edge technologies

Across the financial services industry, organisations have used technology to transform their business. Examples include chatbots, network security, AML pattern detection, and fraud prevention. Innovations such as these have improved business efficiency, and fintech experts are needed to oversee and develop the technology, as well as implementing the solutions into other areas.

Help transform every aspect of traditional finance

Just as technology has changed the world beyond recognition, FinTech is already having the same impact on finance as we know it. Working in this exciting industry, you’ll help to transform the financial industry and all the sectors that interact with it.

Study a MSc FinTech degree in the UK

Each year thousands of students start their studies abroad in the UK. A degree from a respected UK university is globally recognised and will help you stand out to employers. The University of Sussex is a well-ranked university and a friendly, stimulating place to study. The University is in a safe, fun, cultural UK city.

The Pre-Masters Programme in Business, Media and Social Sciences is the perfect pathway to a postgraduate FinTech degree at the University of Sussex. At the International Study Centre, you will study both general and specialist modules to enhance your knowledge and skills and prepare you for postgraduate study. You will also study our CareerAhead module, which will offer you the employability skills needed for a successful career.


Is an MBA in FinTech good for my future career?

One of the biggest benefits of FinTech is how it is constantly growing and evolving. Meaning there are plenty of exciting job opportunities for graduates. People with an MBA in FinTech are always in demand due to their high level of academic knowledge and many transferrable skills that can applied to many different careers. 

Is FinTech hard to learn?

There are many complex skills and theories you will need to learn during your degree in FinTech, however the positive impact you can have on the world around makes this learning highly rewarding. 

What is the biggest challenge in FinTech?

One of the biggest challenges you will make in FinTech is how competitive the field is. This goes for all areas, whether that be applying for jobs or competing with other organisations. The positive side of this is that every day is different and brings an exciting new challenge to overcome.